Earl Nightingale: Goose or Egg broadcast

Show # 223 of the 1970’s Earl Nightingale TV Show, Our Changing World.

In this short video Earl Nightingale tells the story of a man who had a talk with his son. The man drew a picture of a goose and three golden eggs.

Would you rather buy the goose or the golden eggs?

The son chose the goose.

Of course you would buy the gooses, father said, you invest your money in the goose because it could go on laying those golden age for years. Then he said anyone would buy the goose if they were presented in this way, but the fact of the matter is that most people have the exact opportunity and yet they invest in eggs instead of the goose.

The father said in this little quiz I’ve given you, the goose and the golden eggs are symbolic, the golden eggs, people invest in, are represented by their homes, cars, television sets, furniture, refrigerators, stoves, boats, vacations all the good things that can buy, all the good things everyone wants to have.

Well what’s wrong with that the boy asked. Well there’s nothing wrong with that Jimmy, it’s just that most of them invest in golden eggs exclusively and don’t invest enough in the goose that provides all these golden eggs.

Here’s the most important point:

Would you rather buy the goose or the golden eggs?



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