Short Story: Practicing What We Preach

Practicing What We Preach
There lived once a husband and wife both of whom were doctors. He was a doctor of theology and she was a doctor of medicine.

They had just moved to a new house and hired a young and
witty new housekeeper who doubled as a cook.

One morning the doorbell rang and the housekeeper promptly answered the door.

The visitor asked for “the doctor”.

Without missing a beat the housekeeper asked:

“Do you want the one who preaches or the one who practices?”

Random poem

मैंने एक चिड़िया पाली, एक दिन वो उड़ गई

फिर मैंने एक गिलहरी पाली, एक दिन वो भी चली गई

फिर मैंने एक दिन एक पेड़ लगाया, दोनों वापिस आ गई

I bought a bird, one day it ran away
I bought a squirrel, he also went away 
Then I planted a tree, both of them came back.

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