The Cinderella Principle

Struggle of Life

Life can be a struggle. Things are never as easy as we want and rarely as easy as we expect. To continue life is a big deal of struggle. But there is a great success lies behind this struggle. To reach this place we have to do hard work. Then the success will come.

The struggle sculpture at Sonargaon Folklore Museum.JPG

This sculpture is made on the theme of master artist Joynul Abedin’s an art work of struggle. It has been well preserved in Sonargoan Musium, Narayanganj, Bangladesh. Source: Wikipedia

The Cinderella Principle

The Cinderella Principle is a fundamental part of life. To put simply, the Cinderella Principle is an example of human psychology.

Everyone thinks life is one upward, smooth trajectory. They think of Cinderella in her big castle and forget that she spent decades scrubbing floors, being beaten, and locked in a cold room. Between “Once upon a time” and “Happily ever after” a lot happens. Not all of it is good. – Joshua Kennon

Source: The Cinderella Principle

Random Thoughts on Honesty

The person who is honest only for a “price” should be rated as dishonest.

There are no degrees of honesty. There are only absolutes. Either you are honest or you are not.

Honesty does not come for a price; honesty is its own reward.It’s also the most efficient form of human behavior.

Honest persons never have to worry about which lie they have told to whom, and they never have to worry about getting caught. Thus, they are free to focus all their energies on more productive things.

Make it a habit to be honest in all your dealings. If you can’t be truthful in what you say, don’t say anything at all. Remember, small lies start out innocently enough but soon assume lives of their own. A small lie requires a larger one to conceal it, and soon more, even larger lies are required.

Don’t tell that first lie or take a single thing that doesn’t belong to you, and you’ll never have to worry.