Preserver and Win

There is a saying, ‘If you are not making mistakes, then you are not making decisions’. What this really means is that decision making requires past experience, and in order to require experience, you need to try various options. In that process, there are bound to be failures.

If we realize why we failed last time, we can succeed the next time. However we should take care not to repeat the same mistakes. There must be an urge to to win even in utterly hopeless circumstances. Many of you have have heard about the story of King Robert Bruce, who was defeated six times in a row. He was finally cornered and was hiding in a cave, when he noticed a spider spinning a web. He saw that jumping quite a distance from one corner to another, Although it failed several times, the spider made repeated attempts, instead of giving up.


The king watched the spider with curiosity. It failed six times but persistent effort helped it succeed the seventh time! The King thought to himself, “I too have failed six times already, but I am bound to win seventh time”. History testifies that he won the battle next time.

The moral of the story is, “Never lose the will to win, even in midst of failure”.


Seize every opportunity

“We have to search for available opportunities which are sometimes hidden, but within our reach.”

This is a story of a South African farmer, who had extensive farmland in a rural area. His ambition was to become a billionaire. He believed that he would not be able to fulfill his dream by farming in a village. In fact, he made use of only a small part of his farmland and a lions share of it was lying uncultivated. He decided to sell his property in the village and move to the town, so that he could engage in a business and fulfill his ambition to become a billionaire.

The man who bought this farmland, ‘I will work hard on this land, and convert every inch of it into agricultural land, and earn my livelihood.’ He started work on the very first day, he leveled the land and ploughed the land tirelessly. One day while ploughing, he noticed what looked like a few pieces of shining rocks. A closer look convinced him that those were actually diamonds. A deeper study revealed that there were huge deposits of diamonds underneath his land. Eventually he became a billionaire!

While some people may see an element of luck in this story, but in my opinion, it was the hard work put in by second farmer, which brought him the fortune.

As human being we have a tendency to believe that ‘The grass is greener on the other side.’ Most often we fail to notice that grass in our own backyard is as green, if not greener than the other. If we are ready to change our attitude, success will be ours.