I looks like a myth that in the olden days (about 3 decades back) , people used to spend their Free time enjoying the beauty of nature and appreciating the gift of life. There were less things to worry about and even less things to be afraid of.

In those days, people were mostly afraid of their death or the death of loved ones, now we are afraid of loosing job, house or cars.

Everyone is trying to get rich and successful. Let me give an inference from Calvin and Hobbes:

 “I have no idea why human beings have developed all this technology to help them when all it does is make their lives busier. People are less patient now than they used to be 10 years ago. When computers were invented, if someone wanted to have their program executed, they had to use punched cards to have their program written. And very few people had computers, so they used to submit their decks of punched cards in offices that had computers. People had to wait for days to get solutions to their programs. Now that we have developed such high speed computers and super computers, even a few seconds of lag drives us insane. If human beings actually wanted to enjoy leisure, we never would’ve developed these machines. They delude us with the idea of making lives simpler when in reality, they are complicating it even more.”


We have no time to appreciate this life. We spent a lifetime trying to amass wealth that will last a lifetime. What we fail to realize is that our time in this world is limited. Why not do things that make us happy. Money is a small part of life. Travel, relax, have fun and live life.

It’s funny how day by day, nothing changes. But when you look back everything is different.
— Calvin & Hobbes


[Gazal] Dukh me ro lene ka maza bhi alag hota hai

Dukh me ro lene ka maza bhi alag hota hai,
Hari hui zindagi jine ka maza bhi alag hota hai.

Sahil pe kashtiyan chalane walo tum kya jano,
Tufan me kashtiya chalane ka maza alag hota hai.

Dono hatho se zindagi ka bojh uthane walo ye bhi jaan lo ki,
Aakhri saans me khali haathon ka maza bhi alag hota hai.

Ek hi raah par chalne wale manzil zarur paa lete hai,
Par raah me bhatakne ka maza bhi alag hoti hai.

Duniya jitnewale kai sikandar aaye aur chale gaye,
Par kisi ka dil jitkar chale jane ka maza bhi alag hoti hai.