About Me

A learner, searcher, observer

I am expected to write something about me here, but with my hands on keyboard, it becomes quite complicated…what to write and what not. There are things which may be interesting and things in which you may be interested. Still I will try my best to tell you something about me:

I am a science graduate with a keen interest in maths and nature. My favorite leisure activity is reading books and magazines….any types fictional, political, religious etc.

I work in a MNC doing the usual job which a typical software professional does……..going to office, chatting with colleagues(I prefer to call it Workspace Socialization), checking emails and…….i don’t know what else I do (Ha ha ha, I will write about it once).

I love watching rising sun and sunset as well, the different colors spread during this time is marvelous and most beautiful; only nature can mix color with such a perfection, no one can tell if there is need of some more colors.

I also like morning walk, which happens rarely and only in winter during heavy fog. Most of my morning time is spent in sitting at the roof of my flat, under the sun, watching birds and reading newspaper or checking my emails, facebook, twitter and blogs.


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