Debt free is the new rich

It seems perfectly normal to take on huge house, car and college debts but I’ve never met anyone who has paid off all his debt and said, “I wish I hadn’t paid off my debt.” On the other hand, I’ve never met anyone with debt who says, “I love being in debt.” 

Close your eyes and picture a life without any debt: no mortgage payments, credit card bills or auto loans. In today’s shaky job market, the image holds particular appeal – even though it may seem impossible. 

Being debt free can actually make you feel ‘rich’.

Be patient with yourself, don’t just try to knock out everything at once. Find the debt, whether it’s the smallest or highest interest rate, and focus on that one. Because if you’re trying to throw large sums at multiple ones, you’re going to get confused. Focus on one thing then move on to the next one.

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