More money will not solve your problems

I wish I was rich, I wish I was I had more money, then all of my problems would have been solved and I will be living a dream life.

That is how most of us react when we face any financial problems. All we need to understand is that having money will not solve the problems alone. If you think lack of money is your problem and getting more money will solve all your problems; then you are completely mistaken. Most people, given more money, only get into more debt.

Jim Rohn was an American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker. He was guided by Earl Shoaff, another entrepreneur. So one day Jim asked the same question to Shoaff. Jim said that if he had more money then he’d be happy. To this, Mr. Shoaff replied – “The key to happiness is not more money. Happiness is an art to be studied and practiced. More money will make you more of what you already are.”

What Mr. Shoaff meant was that merely having more money will not change you from what you really are. More money will only send you more quickly to your destination. So if you are inclined to be unhappy you’ll remain unhappy with more money, though you will be crying on a silver mattress rather than on cotton coir but you would still be crying. If you are inclined to waste money and take debt and loan, then with more money you will you will only waste more and get into bigger debt.

On the other hand if you are generous, more money will simply allow you to be more generous. If you are a person who likes to help people, then with more money you will be able to help larger number of people.

Remember, money is nothing but an amplifier, it amplifies your internal habits. So if you want to be rich and happy then you need to change your perspective and habits about money.

If money is your problem, then money can not be the solution.



2 thoughts on “More money will not solve your problems

  1. I really liked the last statement “If money is your problem, then money can not be the solution.” I used to be the person who thought money is the solution to be happy but gradually, I began to realize that it is truly an art.
    Our aim should be to find the things that makes us happy. Writing is one of my interests.

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