Live in the present


Once upon a time, there was an old clock manufacturer who made winding clocks. He used to fabricate the inner machinery of a clock and place it in an artistically crafted and beautiful cabinet. One day after after completing the work, he said to the clock, “Look I have completed all of the work and you are ready to function. When I wind the spring, you will have to tick two times in a second (winding clocks usually tick twice a second) non-stop at least for 50 years.” The manufacturer wound the clock spring, started the pendulum, and the clock started functioning.

After a few minutes, the new clock started to think, “I have to work for 50 years non-stop ticking twice a second. That means 120 ticks in a minute, 7200 ticks in an hour and 1,72,800 ticks in a day. For 365 days in a year, there will have to be 6,30,72,000 ticks and for 50 years, my God, it will be 351 crore ticks!!” A kind of nervousness crept into various parts of the new clock. It could not move its parts. Overwhelmed by the thoughts of the tasks ahead, the clock stopped functioning. The manufacturer checked all the parts. Since there was no fault in the machinery, he started the clock once again. After the clock worked for fine for few more minutes, the thought of having to tick 325 crore times returned to its mind and the clock stopped functioning once again.

A grandfather clock in the same room was observing what was going on and it wanted to know what the problem was. After listening to young clock it said, “Look, I am 68 years old and have been functioning smoothly till now. Lakhs of clocks are working all over the world without any interruption. Why can’t you do the same? Don’t worry about the future. Just perform today’s duties and forget about tomorrow.” These wise words were an eye-opener to the new clock, which resumed its assigned duty of ticking twice a second without worrying about the future.



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