All advice is autobiographical

We can only speak from the experiences we’ve had, so I am automatically going to relate your situation to something from my past experiences. We interpret what we see based on our own life experiences, assumptions, preferences, priorities, and implicit rules about how things work and how one should be.

In Steal Like An Artist, Austin Kleon states that all advice is “autobiographical.” He claims that the advice we give “is really just advice we’d be giving our younger selves.”

What that means is that whatever we share, and what comes as a product from our minds, is coming from how we see the world.  It’s coming from our thoughts, our feelings, our knowledge, our experiences, and even our imagination.

Even how we experience the world is unique to us, our lenses and biases, beliefs and upbringing. Meaning, when we give advice, it’s coming from what we know.

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