Asking for a Donation while selling

Buy and we will donate a portion of what you spend to charity.It’s not a rare sight to see advertisements for FMCG products with a small note that small percentage of the proceeds goes to charity. Some of them will be transparent and will mention the name of the organization and how much the contributions will be. But many, just use that as a way to promote their products. This is known as “Cause-related marketing”.

Not many who are going to buy are the product, will be asking for the details. Most of us will be happy with ‘feel good’ factor of having contributed to a social cause which will tip the decision to buy a product at a fancy price.

Some of the FMCG products carry the image of a smiling village girl in a school dress, which attempts to give a feeling that our money will help her study.  Actually did we buy the product for what it serves or because it helps a girl’s education? Or is it an add-on for the FMCG marketer to get a competitive advantage using a social angle?

I am not saying that these ads with a social angle are bad, but let’s be aware that by buying these products what do we pay: A Price or A Donation?

Are we buying these products because we want to donate to these causes? Is it the most effective way of donation?

Just wondering…



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