Sword Crafter’s Parable

Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days.

A quick video from Robin Sharma reminding us that focusing on the few things most important in your life – rather than letting yourself become distracted.

Quick summary

There was once a sword crafter that is known all over the world because of his extraordinary swords that he created. His speed on creating sword doesn’t suffer the quality of the sword. Some people call him the “Master Sword Crafter”. One day there was a king, who have heard the rumors about this lad decided to meet the man himself. The sword crafter brought onto the castle.

The king asked “Sword crafter what is your secret on making an extraordinary swords?”. The sword crafter replied “It’s very simple my king, when I was a young child I was exposed onto the crafting of sword and fell in-love with it. It spoke to my heart and touches my soul, when I was a young child I made a decision that I would be the Master sword crafter. As I grew up I read books, if something doesn’t relate to sword crafting or to sword I didn’t spent my time in it. And that is the secret of my mastery.”

Are there activities in your life which you give more time and energy than you should?

I like this story because here Robin Sharma shares with us the story about focus, destroying distractions and cutting through the noise so you can get the best work done.

By being “selfish” and “obsessing” on your passions and goals you will live a much more peaceful and fulfilled life.

The 80/20 principle reminds us that most things in life are of little value – knowing your goals and dreams – and following them with your heart is the cornerstone of a successful and meaningful life.

The only way you can win in your life is if you devote yourself to focusing on the few things that are most important.

The Sword Crafter’s Parable: A Quick Story About Productivity by Robin Sharma


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