On Drinking Tea

What will drinking one cup of green tea a day do for my health?

I drink at least two cup of tea(not green tea) everyday and every time I get the free advice that green tea is better. But here I am not going to compare the benefits of these tea.

>Over a cup of Tea

People love to recommend a tea to cure their cancer, halitosis, premature balding and tennis elbow.  And to be honest, I’m sick to death of other tea businesses luring people in with health benefit claims.

There are actually be some health benefits, but it’s my opinion that they are grossly overstated and misleading. I personally think the biggest benefit you might get from drinking any kind of tea would be the benefit derived from replacing a sugary, high calorie, possibly carbonated beverage with tea, which has no sugar, or calories by itself.


I think that once upon a time, you had two choices:  drink tea, or drink water.  In early communities, the water supply was frequently tainted, and drinking tea required boiling the water.  Lo and behold, the people who drank tea were healthier, they were less prone to disease and they lived longer.  Someone decided that tea must be medicinal and an industry of snake oil salesmen was born.

The short answer is drink tea because you enjoy it, or drink tea because it is better for you than soda, but don’t expect it to work magic on you.


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