Four Benefits of Reading Books

“Writers open our hearts and minds, and give us maps to our own selves.”

Brain Pickings, one of my favorite blog, is an amazing web site created by Maria Popova. She reads voraciously, from books in the deep past as well as the present. Then she pens long discussions of each book, complete with extensive quotes (and, in the case of art books, gorgeous images of the work).

The mind too has to be cultivated.
The mind too has to be cultivated.

One of her latest posts is about the effects of (good) books on the humans, she mentions four of these:

  1. It saves you time
  2. It makes you nicer
  3. It’s a cure for loneliness
  4. It prepares you for failure

You may agree more or less with the first three, but you may wonder what’s with the fourth one. If you do, you have to read the article. You can find it here:

What Books Do for the Human Soul: The Four Psychological Functions of Great Literature | via Brain Pickings

Happy reading!


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