The king and his shoes

Once upon a time there was a king, he went on to tour his country. After returning, he complained of pain in his feet. He gathered all of his ministers and told them that because of stones and uneven roads he is feeling pain in his feet and ordered to cover all of the country roads with fines-est carpets.

This definitely required lot of money and work, but no one dared to refuse. A wise minister came forward and asked for permission from king, if he can give a suggestion.

The king was surprised, first time someone had talked of his disobedience. He asked, what do you suggest.

“Surely we can improve road condition, but covering the roads with carpet is a waste of money and time”. The minister said, “rather than covering the roads with carpets, the king should cover his feet with a new new pair of shoes”.

Impressed by the courage and idea of his minister, the king rewarded the minister, and order a new pair of shows for himself.

This story teaches an important lesson that we should always think of solutions that are more useful.


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