>Leadership lessons from Children

>Recently while reading HBR, I came through a very interesting article. Following is the summery of it.

What do you do if you are outdoors and it begins to rain? Run for cover? Find a bus shelter, an over bridge, or even a tree to protect yourself from getting wet? Or, do you stand your ground, instinctively change your game-plan and take delight at the sudden turn of events?

  1. They play even if it rains.
  2. Kids are honest – Kids tell it like they see it, like they feel it, like they want it. And while their communication may be embarrassing and brutal for their parents, there’s no doubt their communication is genuine and its delivery, faultless. Do we tell it like we witness or feel it, or do we sugar-coat or window-dress our communication? Do we communicate instantaneously and clearly, or do we strategize and stage-manage our actions to procrastinate the inevitable?
  3. The games they play often have an element of ‘imagine‘,
  4. The curiosity of a child is incomparable. Children ask questions because they want to know. Naturally curious, hungry for information, and constantly churning new facts to understand the world around.
  5. They bring happiness. The “happiness” that they bring around and that too without trying. That is simply because; they tend to spread the happiness that is within. They don’t get bogged down by failures or change and are always ready to move on. As we grow, we tend to get so engrossed with achieving goals (materialistic or otherwise) that we forget to celebrate what all we have achieved. We need to learn to appreciate the simple pleasures of life and spread the happiness around. And as YOU only talk about the WYGIWYG (What you give is what you get) policy, then the happiness we spread will surely come back to us (maybe by way of increased profits) even in tough times.

For detailed explanation please visit the following link:


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